By developing awareness and understanding of our own perceptions and impact, we aim to create a more inclusive community. Continually working together to understand how to make change and engage each other across differences is an important aspect of our efforts to do better and be better.

Day of Dialogue and Action

Each year, we come together to explore critical issues facing our community. We confront questions that challenge each of us to do better and be better.

Engage EDI

In support of Here & Next, this three-series program welcomes all staff and faculty to join our university’s collective pursuit of a transformed campus community. From newly hired employees to tenured faculty, curious observers to committed change makers, wherever you are on your EDI journey and in the university you are a part of building, maintaining, and extending equity, diversity, and inclusion at WashU.

SafeZones Training for Faculty and Staff

SafeZones Training for Faculty and Staff offers faculty, graduate teaching assistants, and staff inclusivity training to promote safer and more secure living, learning and research environments for WashU’s LGBTQIA* students.

SafeZones Training for Students

Undergraduate SafeZones is a peer facilitation group that educates and fosters discussion around LGBTQIA* issues in order to promote the development of a more open and inclusive university community.

Trainings for the School of Medicine community

The Office of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion offers training opportunities to support the School of Medicine community in developing a greater awareness, understanding, commitment and action framework regarding diversity, equity and inclusion.

Veteran Ally Program

The Veteran Ally Program facilitates a network of faculty, staff and administrators committed to creating a welcoming and supportive campus environment for military service members, veterans and family members of veterans who study at WashU.