At Washington University, we are committed to cultivating a welcoming, inclusive and accessible community for all members. We strive to be a place where everyone can feel valued, respected and supported regardless of their background, identity, abilities or experiences. 

So, too, do we aim to foster an intellectually rigorous environment where innovation can thrive and where students, faculty, staff and community can work together to advance knowledge, develop solutions, and serve others. To achieve excellence, we must prioritize equity, diversity, inclusion and accessibility as foundational values that drive every aspect of our work. As such, we’ve created a strategic vision for our next era of impact, Here and Next, that does just that. 

I encourage all members of our community to join me in this work. No matter our role, there’s always more we can do to explore new perspectives, rectify past harm, build new bridges and celebrate the rich diversity of Washington University and the wider world. In doing so, we will each make the most of our WashU experience and maximize our collective impact.

Andrew D. Martin