Resources at the School of Medicine

These resources are intended to help groups and individuals across the medical campus learn more about matters related to diversity, equity and inclusion.

STEM Pipeline Consortium (WUDPC-STEM) Focus

The Washington University Diversity Programs Consortium – Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (WUDPC-STEM) Focus exists to strengthen the university’s pipeline efforts to recruit, retain and support individuals from underrepresented backgrounds in science and research related fields.

Gender Equity and Title IX Compliance Office

The Gender Equity and Title IX Compliance Office is committed to responding to gender and sex discrimination – including sexual harassment and sexual violence – in an effective and timely manner. We are equally committed to ensuring any individuals involved in these incidents will be treated fairly and respectfully.

Workplace Lactation Locations

Washington University is committed to supporting employees who choose to breastfeed or express milk during work hours. The university provides multiple locations and a reasonable amount of break time to accommodate employees who are nursing.

Using Gender Pronouns

In order to affirm each person’s gender identity, life, and experience, it is important that we ask and check in with others about pronouns. This simple effort can make a profound difference in a trans* person’s experience of safety, respect, and support.

Policies and Guides

We are committed to maintaining an inclusive environment for all members of the Washington University community. Our policies support and protect diversity and inclusion at the university.

Family Care Resources

Knowing that family members are safe and well-cared for is the cornerstone of healthy work-life balance. Washington University is committed to providing the support you need to navigate the systems that provide care.

Faculty and Staff Well-Being

The WashU employee experience embraces a culture of care. Our missions are rooted in serving others, and to do that, it is important to take care of ourselves too. Explore Employee Wellness Programs, mental health resources, family care support, and financial tools.

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