Gender Equity and Title IX Compliance Office

The Gender Equity and Title IX Compliance Office is committed to responding to gender and sex discrimination – including sexual harassment and sexual violence – in an effective and timely manner. We are equally committed to ensuring any individuals involved in these incidents will be treated fairly and respectfully.

The Learning Center

Professional staff and hundreds of peer mentors, leaders, and coaches collaborate with campus partners to provide undergraduates with the support and resources that will enhance their intellectual development and academic experience.

Relationship and Sexual Violence Prevention Center

The RSVP Center operates from a public health model and utilizes Trauma Informed Practices, Response, and Prevention Education to address Relationship and Sexual Violence. 24-hour services are available.

Office of Religious, Spiritual, and Ethical Life

The Office of Religious, Spiritual, and Ethical Life encourages interfaith understanding, supports the diverse religious, spiritual and ethical communities on campus, and facilitates interfaith student leadership development. Students of any or no religious, spiritual, or philosophical background are welcome.

Office of the Ombuds

The Offices of the Ombuds serve as confidential, independent and impartial resources that offer assistance in the informal resolution of university-related conflicts and advocate for fair treatment and process.

Office of Military and Veteran Services

The Office of Military and Veteran Services is WashU’s focal point for military and veteran matters, to include transitioning military-connected students into higher education, providing and connecting students with programs and services, and partnering across campus and in the community.

Taylor Family Center for Student Success

The Taylor Family Center for Student Success works to ensure that the full WashU experience is available to all students, regardless of background. It is fundamental to both the office’s mission, as well as that of the university, to provide students access to an equitable college experience, which happens through proactive programming efforts, as well as oversight and analysis of the current cultural landscape.

Office for International Students and Scholars (OISS)

The OISS is here to support international students and scholars during their time at WashU. Our services include immigration advising, orientation to the WashU and St. Louis communities, and other programs to help students thrive academically and socially and engage them in U.S. life and culture.

Disability Resources

Disability Resources (DR) is the official resource for WashU students who have disabilities or suspected disabilities. DR is dedicated to ensuring that every student has equal access to our campus and academic programs.

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